JLY-06 Series High-efficiency air-entraining water reducer

JLY-06 Series High-efficiency air-entraining water reducer

Short Description:

JLY-06 series air-entraining water reducer has the features of no chlorine, low alkali, delayed coagulation, and low slump loss. The appropriate amount of air-entraining water reducer can significantly reduce the surface tension of concrete, improve the workability of concrete, reduce bleeding and segregation, and improve the impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance and durability of concrete. It is suitable for concrete projects with high durability requirements such as water conservancy, ports, docks, cooling towers, etc.

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Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer (PCE), due to the characteristics of low dosage, high water reducing rate, good reinforcement effect, strong molecular adjustability, and free of formaldehyde in the synthesis process, it is gradually becoming the first choice admixture for preparing high-performance concrete. It is widely used in highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, high-rise buildings and other projects. This product is green and environmental-friendly, non-flammable, non-explosive, and can be safely transported by trains, automobiles and vessels.

Technical Parameter

Item Unit Standard
Appearance / White or light yellow to brown viscous liquid
PH value / 6-7
Slurry fluidity mm ≥200
Chloridion % free
Air content % 2.0-5.0

Main Performance

■ Dosage is 1.5%-3.0% of total cementitious materials.
■ Under the same slump, JLY-06 water reducing rate can attain 18%-25% and strength increases by 10%-30%
■ JLY-06 can improve the pore structure of concrete, increase the gas content, and significantly improve the freeze-thaw resistance.
■ JLY-06 can improve the compactness of concrete, that increase the waterproofness by 2-3 times.
■ JLY-06 can significantly improve the durability and volume stability of concrete.
■ JLY-06 can significantly improve the workability of concrete in the mixing stage and construction stage, making it have good fluidity, filling, cohesion and pumpability, making the production and construction of concrete more mechanized and automated.
■ Applicable to ordinary concrete, lean concrete, hydraulic concrete, high-fluid concrete, commercial concrete, especially for concrete projects that require freeze-thaw resistance and high durability.

Shelf life

JLY-06 can be stored for 12 months at temperatures between -1 ℃ and 50 ℃ in tightly sealed original drums. If found to be frozen, thaw it and reconstitute by stirring.


JLY-06 water reducing type series is available in 1000kgs, 200kgs,25kgs drums or bulk delivery.

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