JLY-04 Series Concrete high-efficiency pumping agent

JLY-04 Series Concrete high-efficiency pumping agent

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JLY-04 Concrete high-efficiency pumping agent is compounded with high-efficiency water-reducing agent and reinforcing agent, retarder, plasticizer, air-entraining agent and other components.Comply with GB8076-2008 “Concrete Admixture – Pumping Agent” standard. It is an admixture specially designed for long-distance transportation and on-site pumping of commercial concrete.

Product Detail

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Homogeneity index

Item Index
PH 6-7
Slurry fluidity ≥200mm
chloridion free
Water reducing rate 15%-30%

Main performance


■ The liquid dosage is 1.0%-2.5% of total cementitious materials.
■ Mixed with this product under the same water-cement ratio,can increase the slump of concrete by more than 10cm. Under the same amount of cement and the same slump, the strength of concrete can be increased by 40%-70% in three days, by 30%-60% in seven days, and by 25%-50% in 28 days.
■ The loss of slump over time is small, which can meet the long-distance transportation of commercial concrete.
■ Workability, water retention and cohesion are greatly improved, no delamination and no segregation.
■ Initially there is a retarding effect. It can reduce the early hydration and heat release rate of concrete, which is beneficial to the pouring of large-volume concrete.
■ The compressive strength, flexural resistance, tensile strength, impermeability and durability of concrete have been significantly improved.

Physical And Mechanical Properties of Concrete

Item Factory technical indicators Standard
slump increase(mm) ≥120 ≥100
Atmospheric bleeding rate water ratio(%) ≤50 ≤90
Pressure bleeding rate ratio(%) ≤50 ≤90
Air content(%) ≤4.0 ≤4.5
slump retention value(mm) 30min ≥160 ≥150
60min ≥130 ≥120
Compressive strength ratio (%) not less than 3days 95 90
7days 100 90
28days 110 90
Shrinkage ratio(%) 28days ≤125 ≤135
Corrosion effect on steel bars No rust


■ Please follow the "Concrete Admixture Application Technical Specifications" for construction.
■ This product has retarding effect, and the dosage should be strictly controlled in field application
■ Experiments should be carried out when using this product for the first time or changing the type of cement to obtain the best technical effect and economic benefit.
■ This product is suitable for concrete construction under the environmental conditions of -1℃-50℃

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